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Collingdale Fantasy Football League
Congratulations to the 2011 CFFL Champion Jon Tranier. Delco Dynamites finally wins the league. The Jon takes home the covenant CFFL prize. Taking Fantasy Bowl Championship. In the most controversial year with the trade of the decade. Jon wins the league because Stewart claims CURFEW screwed him. Oh better luck again next year.

2012 Draft will be picked out of the hat. Each Ping Pong ball will be labeled with a draft number and team name.

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Commissioner's Notes:
New to the league this year:

Draft night is Friday, August 31 6:30p,

Review the Rules online prior to draft. Rule proposals and changes are being done prior to draft day. Any new rule proposal needs to be well thought out and emailed to the commissioner with every scenario possible that could go right or wrong. Do not come to the board with a vague rule with no action or content to govern over. Print out a copy of the players draft list prior to draft day. Print out a copy of the Rules and scoring for your own reference. Notice Division Alignment is based from last years Playoff brackets. Two Division names will be Toilet Bowl Division and Fantasy Island Division.

The draft will be setup as of right now it will be the current standings from last season. So you can prepare for the draft. Will be conducting an online draft. Members must attend draft night. Rules changes and Payout needs to be submitted.

Last If you would like the team name of your Fantasy team changed please Send an email letting me know what you want it to be. This has to be done prior to draft night. Once the draft starts the team names are locked and cannot be changed. Cool