Board of Directors:

Steven Dewees
Rob McCarry
Jay Maffei
Chris Allen
Brian Goughler


League Rules: (updated as of 1/16/2011)

1. 6 Teams, 10 man Rosters, Must be paid in full prior to playing.

2. 2 Paid Refs for each game. (each ref receives $30 per game they make $90 a night).

3. No Overtime during Regular Season Games.

4. 48 Minute Game with a Running Clock.

5. Three scheduled players per game to do the scorebook and Scoreboard for the game they are not playing in each week. A scheduled list will be posted on the league schedule web page. This is for the stats and accuracy of record keeping. The fun part of our league is our personal stats. Everybody will have to do it. 9 weeks and there are 10 man rosters. Some will have it do it twice. If you miss or decided not to do it on your assigned week. You are required to have someone sub for you. If you elected to blow it off your season has just ended. You will be DNQ for the next season as well.

6. Zero tolerance for fighting or abusive language. This is a public facility. Anyone who fights is gone from the league. Walk away it is not worth it. This is your warning. If you fight we have a police officer on duty, and you can deal with the law.

7. Keep the facility clean; policed the area after your game. Take your trash with you. Entrance to Gym is by the Police Entrance. The Door by the steps will be locked and not to used during the games.

8. It is noted that you play at your own risk. The boro and board of directors are not responsible if you get hurt in this facility. You are to be fully insured medically prior to playing. Everyone in this league who steps on that court; are to be fully responsible of their own medical health. No one in this league is liable for any injury that you may occur during a game. If an act of ill will was demonstrated legal action may be pursued by the person who was attacked, and followed up by the police. (We all work the next day, if anyone tries to intent to injured a person with poor display of sportsmanship will be told to leave, and possibly arrested.). When you paid your registration fee, you agreed to this policy. Gym is monitored by video Surveillance.

9. Foul/abusive/offensive Language Rule: dropping of the F-bomb or abusive language that can be heard by everyone in the facility or on the court. This will result in a TECHNICAL FOUL and ejection from the game. Any player that is ejected from a game for abusive language will serve a next game suspension the following week. Suspended games do not count as game appearances. If the scoring table people heard it don't even argue it. You have been warned.

10. Game Play Rules:

a. 5 Personal Fouls

b. Foul Shot Violation 10 seconds. You must have the shot off. When the Clock is running you must be line-up and have the shot off.

c. Fouls under 1:30 minutes to play in 2nd half. The clock will stop on Ref's whistle for Fouls only. IF opposing team score is up by 10+ points the clock continues to run. (score differential is under 9 the clock will stop on ref's whistle for fouls only).

d. 2 halves with a time limit of 24 minutes. There will be a 3 minute half time.

f. 1 time out for the 1st half per team. 30 second time outs. 2 time outs for the 2nd half per team. 30 Second time outs.

g. Extended Half Court. Once the ball crosses the center line. Half court is extended back to the next blue line.

h. 3 Pointers Count

i. Ejected Player: If you are ejected from a game for fighting, or for conduct that is unsuitable for a public facility. You will be suspended for the remainder of the year. Will not be allowed back next year. All ejections will result in a technical foul. Abusive/offensive Language ejections see rule 9.

j. When Substituting during the game:

1. You may substitute on the Fly. An offensive person coming on to the court cannot enter play until his team has the ball, and the ball handler crosses over half court. Then the substituting player may enter the court behind the ball handler. All substituting players should be at the scoring table area prior to entering the game.

2. Any Player coming off the court must be out of bonds prior to the player entering the game.

3. Illegal substitution will result in a Technical Foul.

4. 3:00 minute substitution rule: any player who is on the bench for 3 minutes must enter the game. So when the game starts you should setup your lines on the 3’s.(21,18,15,12,9,6,3). No player is to double shift when at full rosters. When not at full rosters 7-9 players on your roster you can double shift players. You cannot play more than 6 continuous minutes and must sit for 3 minutes after a double shift.

5. Offensive team must sub behind the ball carrier you cannot come on the court in front of the play.

6. Defensive team substitution player coming off the court must be past half court on his bench side. Defensive players must enter the court at half court.

7 . Final 1:30 in the 2nd half Captains can pull subs in and out for match up.

8. When a time out is called between 24 to 2 minute mark the shift that is out there will remain out there unless there 3 minutes has expired. (For example time out is called at 11:10 mark. Those players are to remain out there till 9:00 minute mark when the time-out is over. Unless the player is willingly to come off, that is up to them, but their shift is not to be shorten because of the time out.)

k. a 20 Second shot clock with a silent count by the refs with 1:30 remaining in the Game (2nd Half only). Scoreboard operator is to assist the refs and call out expire time when possession changes.

11. Playoffs: Everyone to qualify for the playoffs must have 7 Game appearances throughout the season. The opposing Captain or League Official initials the opposing teams players in the book. You are to Cross out any player that did not make that game.

a. All teams make the playoffs.

b. 5 minute overtime is only allowed in the playoffs. Regular season games are over, once the 24 minute time limit is reached in the second half.

12. Players that don't qualify for the playoffs are not able to rejoin the league the following year. Only exception to this rule is: if you suffer an injury that did not allow you to play the season out.

13. No one says a word to the Refs. Wether the call was good or bad. Arguing or making public display of disagreement can result in a technical foul, and possible ejection from the league.